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Psorilax is a cream that helps in the treatment of this disease and the elimination of these unpleasant symptoms, helping to avoid its appearance after long periods of time.

What are the effects of Psorilax and how can it contribute to the treatment of this disease?

It is effective in the treatment of various forms of psoriasis

It moisturizes the skin and gently keeps it soft for a long period of time

Eliminates heat and burning sensation of the skin

It reduces itching and soothes the affected area

Reduces the risk of recurrence of disease

Reduces local inflammation and joint pain

There are many body ailments that make our daily life harder and prevent us from doing our usual activities. Some of the most unpleasant ailments are skin diseases which, in addition to the negative effect on the body and the effect of discomfort, they also tend to isolate man from the rest of society, in particular by their visible nature. We will continue to discuss one of these skin diseases, more specifically psoriasis, which, although it does not have a very high incidence (statistically speaking, somewhere around 4% of the world's population), it is quite present and affects the quality of life of many people.

Although it is not one of the contagious diseases, people with psoriasis are often marginalized or excluded from society, being discriminated against because their skin looks different from normal.

Psoriasis is included in the category of chronic diseases, so that these plaques appear for a few weeks or months, they are attenuated or even disappear, but then they return.

Psoriasis is a multifaceted disease that can manifest itself differently, starting from mild forms-with small areas covered by moderate, moderate or extreme rashes, severe rashes-when the skin becomes inflamed and it has red patches covered with dry skin.

The most common form of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis, which is found in more than 80% of cases diagnosed. This appears as thick, flaky, whitish, silver or red areas of thickened, flaky skin, which may appear on any part of the body, but especially on elbows and knees, scalp or lumbar region.

More than half of the affected patients have changes in their nails and toes (natural nail colour changes to yellowish orange and fingernail bed removal appears).

Severe lesions of epithelial tissue


Constant states of anxiety and nervousness

Untreated in a timely manner of infections (even tonsillitis)

Use of certain drugs (beta-blocker, ibuprofen, lithium)

Irresponsible exposure to the sun

Alcohol consumption

In addition, the onset of this disease can be caused by other factors such as: smoking, cold and dry weather, dehydrated skin, antihypertensive treatment and certain mental disorders.

According to statistics, more than 30% of people affected by psoriasis suffer from at least one first-degree relative suffering from psoriasis. From there, if there are family members diagnosed with this disease, the risk of occurrence is much higher.


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